Helping those who really want to help themselves.

NACD families are the best of the best families—families that believe in their child’s potential and understand that they have the primary responsibility for their child and that the schools and institutions will not and cannot adequately provide for their child.

Most of our families needing financial assistance are proven NACD families.  These are families who have been working diligently with their special needs child, doing anything and everything they can to help their child succeed. These families realize that receiving therapy once or twice a week is totally inadequate and that they really need to be working with their child every day.  With the NACD model they can do exactly that.  NACD trains those who know the child best—their parents—and turns them into the child’s best therapists and educators.

Parents of children in the autism spectrum, parents of brain injured and cerebral palsy children, parents of children with Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and more can make a difference for their children. They can make the difference for their children.  These parents save the system—“us”—thousands of dollars every month; and the changes they produce in their children often turn an individual who needs help for their entire lives (at a cost of often millions) into a productive member of society.

For a modest amount a month you can provide a full scholarship; but any part of that helps. Our goal is to be able to help 100 great families and children a month. Contact us for more information.


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